Women's Collection

The ateliers at the MEISTER Manufactory use only the most exquisite materials in their jewellery collections. Gold, platinum and diamonds are worked into matchless compositions: ear and arm jewellery, necklaces and rings to satisfy the most exacting tastes. Fusing feminine elegance and consummate aesthetics, these jewellery creations make women’s hearts beat faster… timelessly beautiful, a whole life long.

Jewellery services

Jewellery services

  • Setting inspection
  • Resetting
  • Surface restoration
  • Resizing

Everlasting lasts longest… For a jewellery experience that never ends, MEISTER will continue to provide a full range of service. Whether it’s checking the diamond setting, resetting diamonds, restoring the finish or resizing rings – our experts are there for you, for the name MEISTER is a promise: “A Commitment for Life”.

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