Men's Collection

Pendants / Amulettes

Icon From compass to sundial: the amulettes are an exciting fusion of innovative design and clever functions.


Icon The men’s rings are distinguished by exciting materials and rich technical detail.


Icon The combination of rubber and easy-to-use folding clasps is unbeatable.


Icon The titanium cufflinks with a ball-shaped closure system are refined with gold and diamonds.
Men's accessories service

Men's accessories service

  • Setting inspection
  • Resetting
  • Surface restoration
  • Resizing

Everlasting lasts longest… For a jewellery experience that never ends, MEISTER will continue to provide a full range of service. Whether it’s checking the diamond setting, resetting diamonds, restoring the finish or resizing rings – our experts are there for you, for the name MEISTER is a promise: “A Commitment for Life”.

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