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The day you first met, your wedding day, your children’s birthdays, a successful exam or just for sheer love – let your imagination run wild. Celebrate the milestones of your unending happiness with a precious diamond as an unforgettable symbol. Eternity rings are an ideal gift that you can keep adding to with individual diamonds to keep your memories go on.

Giving made easy

As multifaceted as life itself: that is the MEISTER eternity ring range. Besides the actual ring models, you also have a choice of different diamond cuts, sizes and settings, to suit your personal taste and budget. With the MEISTER diamond gift box, the individual diamonds can be presented in a particularly stylish way – letting your eternity ring grow moment by moment, diamond by diamond.

Utmost diamond quality guaranteed

MEISTER guarantees the high quality of the diamonds: all diamonds come from conflict-free sources and are examined by GIA-certified gemmologists and diamond experts in our in-house diamond lab before being set. This gives you complete confidence that each and every diamond symbolising a special occasion in your life, without exception, is of the same high quality.

Eternity ring service

Eternity ring service

  • Setting inspection
  • Resetting
  • Surface restoration
  • Resizing
  • Everlasting

Your moments of happiness in good hands: when you purchase your eternity ring, the MEISTER Manufactory is there for you with all its areas of expertise, whether that involves inspecting the diamond setting, resetting, restoring or resizing. The MEISTER Everlasting idea incorporates your former wedding rings in your new eternity ring.

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