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For real men: outstanding MEISTER men’s accessories

Masculine, cool and with a passion for the extraordinary: MEISTER men’s accessories. In their unique accessory collection, which has garnered numerous design awards, the Swiss German jewellery manufacturer marries striking design with high-tech materials and ingenious functions. MEISTER was one of the first manufacturers to bid farewell to the classic cliché of men’s jewellery, expanding their collection with versatile accessories for the style-conscious, active and design-oriented man. Besides cufflinks, bracelets and rings, the MEISTER men’s accessory collection features above all exceptional pendant models that are both functional and playful: the collapsible compass, for example, or the fully functioning sundial draws out the explorer in a man. Technical fascination, unique design and innovation find their expression here in equal measure.

The divine metal: titanium
Very early on MEISTER devoted itself to a special material for men’s accessories: Since as long ago as 1982 high-grade titanium has been used to create extravagant amulets, cufflinks, rings or bracelets. The grey-gleaming metal that originally was used in space travel and plane construction, begeistert with its versatile properties. Its low weight and ruggedness make it an ideal companion in everyday life. Harmoniously the MEISTER design team combines the metal, named after the race of Greek deities, the Titans, with other metals such as 750 gold or the finest Damascus steel and other materials. A cool sense of aesthetics is demonstrated by 150–180 million-year-old, petrified wood set in titanium or fossilised dinosaur bones as an amulet.

Every man in a class of his own
The successful blending of design, precision and sophistication shows that the MEISTER team not only has a perfect grasp of the subject of men’s accessories, but also knows: no one man is like the other. Designed for men with class, the individual elements can be worn in different ways – sometimes to go with the sporty leisure look, sometimes as a tasteful eye-catcher with a business outfit. Globetrotters, individualists or fans of traditional craftsmanship all find here in equal measure, what lends their look that certain touch of individuality. Sometimes the coin-sized amulets are designed as functional accessories, in others you can have your own fingerprint or that of your partner or children engraved. Also with the cufflinks and bracelets, contrasting  materials form an attractive combination. Beyond that set functional flip-out or magnetic clasps make for playful accents. From the pocket tool to masculine pendant – the MEISTER men’s accessories offer modern men an array of different options.

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