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Imaginative and eloquent: MEISTER’s masterful engravings

As the premier address for high-precision engravings, MEISTER is the unsurpassed master in the art of personalised messages. The unique laser engravings by the Swiss jewellery manufacture allow secrets, stories or love symbols to be recorded as a perpetual memory. The rare combination of expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology allows the MEISTER team of experts to recreate a signature in a person’s handwriting, or using block letters or cursive script. A miniature text can even be engraved or the partner’s unique fingerprint immortalized on the inside surface of the ring. New: The very personal depiction of your partners hand lines worn at a close range in your wedding ring. In a sense you always have your partner with you, intimately close and “hand-in-hand”. The creative possibilities here are endless!

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