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Wedding Rings


Icon <strong>Traditional elegance<br /></strong>
Timeless classicism and purist designs set the tone. For lovers who prefer clear lines to embellishments.


Icon <strong>Creative diversity<br /></strong>
For couples who are drawn to creative ideas and looking for a particularly unusual design for their wedding rings.


Icon <strong>One of a kind – for two</strong>
No ring model is like another. For brides and grooms who value individuality and rings with a unique character.


Icon <strong>The language of symbols<br /></strong>
Send out signals, reveal your feelings. For couples wanting a special expression of their love and whose rings tell passionate stories.

Wedding ring system

The choice is yours: each ring is made up of five design components. You specify the profile, width and surface finish and combine your favourite precious metal with diamonds in the desired size. Then we take your composition and forge your wedding ring – naturally in the supreme quality of the MEISTER wedding ring Manufactory.


Tips for buying a ring

The beauty of top-quality rings in gold or platinum has to be experienced with all the senses. When choosing your rings, insist on genuine materials. Fakes made from cheap metals can never capture the look and feel of gold and platinum, and rhinestones can never simulate the lustre of real diamonds. The colour and feel of fake materials are nothing like the original. Your wedding ring is very likely to end up disappointing you. The MEISTER jeweller will always show you the original in genuine materials with the "M" as a guarantee of unique wedding rings designed for you – and you alone.

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